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Worker and Workplace Research

Workforce Engagement Services – Worker and Workplace Insight.


Submarine has a wealth of experience in conducting effective employee insight mining in order to inform culture, internal brand, go-to-market and workplace strategy. In-line with our principle of SECA (socially, environmentally and culturally appropriate), we use a variety of market research tools, in order to ensure relevance to target segment, and to encourage high levels of participation so that deep level market research insights can be captured all levels of an organisation’s staff base.


General areas typically explored using workplace engagement tools Centre around internal thoughts, attitudes and perceptions specific to business, leadership, brand and culture, however, specific areas of investigation are customised in accordance with a client’s aims and objectives.


Data capture involves the application of a variety of qualitative (e.g. discussions, journal entries, challenges etc.) and quantitative methodologies (e.g. survey’s, polls and rating scales) that are either built into custom branded, restricted digital access environments or, where appropriate, are administered on-the-ground.


In parallel to the in-depth organisational insight mining, an industry analysis is conducted which explores both competitor and, where appropriate, out-of-industry best practice workplace engagement practices. The objective of this phase of the research is to extract key learnings in terms of how best to communicate with a workforce – both on, and off site.


Key insights from all phases of the study are then distilled into an outcomes-orientated workplace engagement workshop, which affords clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in the data and gain an understanding of employee responses to change, their working environment, new system introductions, and their understanding of your business and the organisation’s brand. Then, through a series of exercises, clients are able to provide the necessary input into the key strategic elements of the specific workforce strategy required, be it a communication, engagement, culture, innovation, thought-leadership or brand strategy.


To date, our client’s needs regarding workforce engagement have proven somewhat diverse and have spanned multiple industries from investment and insurance to mining and FMCG. No matter the size, type and diversity in make-up of an organisation, Submarine Depth Research has the experience to effectively mine immediately actionable insights and outcomes that inform effective workforce strategies that unpack how best to encourage people to collaborate, share, and work together (both offline and digitally) to affect meaningful change.

Workplace and Worker Research