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Web & Mobile App Testing

User experience testing: Web & Mobile


Submarine’s focus is on the exploration and UX testing of existing or new (prototypes, live environments and mock-ups) sites or applications in a controlled, yet context-relevant scenario.


By capturing how users & customers actually interact with the product, mobile device or software, Submarine seeks to diagnose weaknesses in usability and pinpoint the priority areas for design improvement.


These interactions are tracked and recorded, and this can take the form of a usability study which involves filmed engagements, in-interface intercepts, digital card sorts and decision-tree mapping exercises, and even in-app live video chats.


By watching what users do, and exploring the why’s behind these actions and behaviour as they try to accomplish tasks, you find out which functions work well or need immediate improvement.


Over a UX testing phase we look at:


  • Does it meet your intended end-user expectations?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is there a common sense flow to the site structure and navigation?
  • How smoothly and quickly are users able to accomplish an activity or find what they need?
  • Does the visual experience and tone of the environment suit your brand?
  • Which elements of your site or app are sticky in that they very quickly attract investigation and hang-around appeal?
  • Competitor benchmarking.


The outputs are used by designers to develop, progress or refine designs that are based upon sound user understanding and experiences and take into account the entire user journey.


We employ a number of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies for UX testing – all of which allow us to be flexible and nimble without losing depth of insight.


  • Interaction Sessions
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Prototype exploration
  • Card Sorts
  • Digital Diaries
  • Expert reviews
  • Surveys
  • True Intent
  • Tree Tests
  • Card Sorts
  • Co-Creation and Refinement (Creative Participants)
Web and Mobile Testing