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Telesure – Lets Chat – Internal Research

Telesure – Lets Chat – Internal Research

Telesure was looking to implement a social business software platform to facilitate the process of ideation for all staff at Telesure, and Submarine was brought in to conduct the internal research study to identify drivers and barriers to adoption and use.

This engagement required us to conduct specific research to determine culture and brand sentiment, align leadership and all functional areas within the business, identify processes to support this new system, and investigate viable rewards to stimulate staff participation.


Areas of investigation included:

  • Existing culture of adopting new technologies
  • Leadership and reporting structures
  • Way of working in terms of productivity, efficiency, reporting and intra-staff engagement
  • What channels were being utilised by Telesure to communicate with the people that work there, and did staff feel about these?
  • Do any of the current systems provide/allow for a social element?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of current systems/platforms
  • What is missing from current systems/platforms?
  • How do they feel about being able to access everything they need to get their job done in one space?
  • What is most important for them (core features, customised elements…) and what is seen to be a peripheral nice-to-have?
  • What would they want and expect from such an environment?
  • What would motivate them to take part?
  • What do they believe would be the main barriers to adoption for such an environment and why?


Methodology employed:

  • Online Q&A platform across two weeks – Let’s Chat Telesure:  Each day three questions were posted on the platform, and staff across the business notified via email of new content. Prizes were awarded for the best response, per question.


Through this engagement, Telesure were able to understand the internal challenges and opportunity gaps for such a system, identify the features it would need to include to encourage regular contributions across all staff levels, as well as how to internally communicate the Platform.


29th June 2016


Internal Research, Interviews, Research Offline