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National Brands - Tea Lives
National Brands – Bringing to Life the Consumer

National Brands approached Submarine to research a way in which they could bring to life the mass market ‘tea drinker’. They knew a certain amount about these people, but this was confined to basic demographic and psychographic data. What NBL really needed, was to see the tea consumer in action…in their homes, talking to us and giving us ‘from the horses mouth’ insight into the whys, what’s, when’s and how’s of their tea-drinking habits.

We endeavoured to put a face and voice to an ambiguous tea audience, by filming tea drinkers Tea Lives. We went into their homes, witnessed their tea making and brewing routines. Show the functional and emotional drives that they associated with tea.

Methodologies Employed:

Slice of Life Film – Very simply, we filmed the target markets’ lives in situ at their homes/workplaces or hangouts, at different times of the day or at specific social events or gatherings. Through this, we presented an in-depth and intimate ‘slice of life’ qualitative research study called Tea Lives.


14th June 2016


Ethnography, Film-based, Interviews, Research Offline, Segmentation