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MTN – Online Consumer Research Community

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MTN – Online Consumer Research Community

MTN was looking to research the digital lifestyles of young South Africans in terms of what they are sharing, experiencing, discovering and telling their friends, and in answer to this we developed an online consumer research panel that ran for 8 years.

The findings of this ongoing study, continually informed the design of MTN online and mobile MTN touchpoints, as well as the design of relevant and evocative communication with this target segment.

Over 12,000 people took part in the online consumer research panel which specifically explored their relationships and uses of technology, music, social media, fashion and explored their day to day lives in general.

We engaged respondents via a closed-access digital (online and mobile App) community insights panel.

This primary engagement space was also supported by a private Facebook group (for general updates, notifications and to address any questions they have for us). The FB component allowed us to maintain contact across the month, and to foster a sense of community among members.

An App for the community was also developed and this could be downloaded by respondents.

The community space was professionally designed / branded to have it’s own target relevant personality, look and feel, the the platform technology itself is specifically designed for both quantitative and qualitative research – but it is, in essence, an insights community, and has a ‘community’ feel.

Community members took part daily in Polls, Discussions, Tasks, Challenges, Digital Journaling, Survey’s and Reviews of new MTN offerings and communication.

The back-end of the system allowed us to pull data based on predefined segmentation parametres e.g. pulling the discussion responses from Black females only or only those aged 30-34. As such, all reports were clearly segmented for depth understanding and cross-demographic comparisons.


28th June 2016


Online Surveys, Research Online, Social Media, Web and Mobile