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Investec – Let’s Chat – Internal Research

Investec Research
Investec – Let’s Chat – Internal Research

Submarine were asked to explore interest in, and opinions toward, a centralised global intranet designed to facilitate innovation, sharing and cross collaboration throughout Investec.


Through internal one-on-one interviews (across SA, UK and Australia) as well as team discussions, we investigated what people are currently busy with in this area, as well as what kind of space would be valued and used.


Core areas of investigation:


  • An exploration of the internal culture within the organisation and in what ways this may impact adoption of the new system.
  • Internal views and behaviour pertaining to sharing and collaboration.
  • What internal systems / platforms were currently being utilised within the organisation.
  • Employee use of mobile and PC based communication and messaging systems.
  • Internal perceptions of the existing intranet system
  • An exploration of the personal and work use of external communication and collaboration systems such as Yammer, Whatsapp, Skype and Google Docs.
  • Staff suggestions as to desired functionality: must have, supportive and nice-to-have.
  • Potential barriers to adoption.


The outputs of this initial phase were used to inform the development of Stage 1 printed visual mock-up of what each area of the system would look like and what features and capabilities it would house. These mock-ups were again explored across the organization for further input.  Based on this feedback, an HTML clickable prototype was developed, and select individuals across all tiers of the organization were invited to test the space, both from a usability and design perspective.


The iExpress system is now used by all staff across Investec.


29th June 2016


Internal Research, Interviews, Research Offline, UX Testing