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Cuddlers – Mobisite Research

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Cuddlers – Mobisite Research

The study for Cuddlers involved the Submarine team conducting research via mobile among members of he Cuddlers Circle mobisite.

Cuddlers have an interactive mobisite for mothers called Cuddlers Circle. The online community engages with moms through invaluable SMS messages, digital coupons, and a platform where members can interact with each other.


The target market was socio-economically diverse and multicultural, coming from both cities and townships, which provided for interesting feedback on the choices that mothers make when choosing baby products, and the unique challenges they face as consumers.


The study also provided key insights into the reasons that influenced consumer participation on the platform, and the redemption of the digital coupons.


28th June 2016


Consumer Sessions, Research Online, UX Testing, Web and Mobile