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Boogertman + Partners Brand Audit

Submarine Boogertman
Boogertman + Partners Brand Audit

Submarine was commissioned by Boogertman + Partners to conduct a brand audit, develop a brand positioning and brand strategy that would culminate in the development of a new CI and visual identity for the firm.


Boogertman + Partners are a long standing architectural firm that have built up, and maintained, a leadership position in the African market over several years.


Conscious that being strategically pro-active is crucial to maintaining a leadership positioning, the leaders of the business saw fit to:


  • conduct due diligence on the brand in order to determine brand health relative to the market
  • establish a clear direction for the brand going forward
  • build brand strength through a strategic approach to brand re-ignition
  • gain insight (both internally and externally) that would drive the development of a new CI/visual identity for the brand


In order to do achieve the above we employed the following methodologies:


  • One-on-one interviews with the Board / Partners
  • One-on-one interviews with externals – industry and clients
  • Internal Board and Staff Ideation Workshops
  • Internal research among all staff across the region as well as in other African offices – this research was achieved through engaging staff on an interactive online research panel space, where we could ask questions, run polls, set tasks and take on-board any ideas and suggestions they may have. To stimulate interest and excitement around the panel, we embarked on a lead-up teaser campaign to stimulate intrigue and anticipation among staff.

14th June 2016


Brand, Consumer Research Panel, Internal Research, Interviews, Research Offline, Strategy, Web and Mobile