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AngloGold Ashanti – Mobile Coms Research

AngloGold Research
AngloGold Ashanti – Mobile Coms Research

Submarine were tasked with conducting research to ascertain the most effective and relevant way to engage and communicate to the AngloGold Ashanti workforce; facilitated by the Wyzetalk mobile communication platform.


Research sessions were conducted among above and below-ground employees on site over a period of two weeks. Core was to explore what kind of information employees would be interested in via a mobile communication channel that would be accessible on feature phones.


78 groups were conducted at the Vaal River site. These groups were approximately 30 minutes in duration, and comprised 4-6 people.


Groups were audio recorded only for sensitivity and privacy purposes. Sessions were conducted with Managers, Surface Officials, Underground Officials, Artisans, Underground and Surface Workers. A small number of female-only miners groups were also conducted.


The following areas were explored, and guided the conceptualisation and development of an appropriate and effective mobile communication channel:


  • Perceptions around communication general at AGA
  • Perceptions concerning a mobile communication system
  • Worker groups phone/internet on phone use
  • When worker groups would be open to receiving mobile communication
  • Worker group opinions on the language used for mobile messaging
  • Perceptions concerning interest in a two-way/open line for communication
  • Desires in terms of the nature (content) of the communication



28th June 2016


Consumer Sessions, Interviews, Research Offline, UX Testing