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NPD Exploration and Testing

New / Existing Product Development Exploration and Testing (NPD/EPD)


Submarine has extensive experience in working with clients to improve or evolve an existing product or service, as well as when they are in early phases of new product development (NPD), or the later phases of testing.


You may be at early conceptual stages and are looking to explore whether the innovation territory is relevant, meaningful and presents a strong opportunity for market take-up, or you may already have a concept, product/brand extension, prototype or mock-up that you need testing.


Critically we establish whether or not what you are offering is developed in a way that meets the needs of your customers, and carves out a profitable space in the market for your brand.


Our core areas of experience in the area of NPD (new) and EPD (existing) span:


  • Concept territory / statements
  • New pack development testing or redesign testing
  • New names exploration and testing
  • Usability / interaction exploration (e.g. how a customer handles, uses, stores your offering)
  • Digital touchpoints testing (mobile/online, in-retail)
  • Messaging and communication testing (existing brand/product refresh, or new product/brand/service altogether)


The research we do in the above areas will assist you in doing away with weak ideas and establishing those that present you with the best chance of achieving commercial success. We also identify refinements, what you need to focus on or emphasise, as well as the hooks that will capture the consumer’s attention.


We work in close partnership and collaborate with advertising, PR, social marketing and digital agencies to provide aligned solutions for concepts and communications


Methodologies employed include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative Consumer Ideation / Testing Sessions
  • In-Home Testing Engagements
  • Internal Workshops
  • Consumer Insights Panels (mobile/online)
  • iPad Intercepts


Reworking an existing product or service, or introducing a new one, is an expensive endeavour, and deep insight will prevent you from making any expensive mistakes.

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