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Consumer Insights Mining

Consumer Insights Mining


Develop your products and brand confidently and continuously by talking to the people that matter the most: your customers.


Everything you do involves people somewhere along the line…which makes it imperative that we undertake in-depth consumer research to understand who these people are…their nuances…what makes them tick, and why they do what they do, and think what they think.


At Submarine we do our very best to inject our market research methodologies with innovative thinking, creativity, flexibility, nimbleness and a commitment to participant comfort (both physically and emotionally). A person, out of their depth, somewhere unfamiliar or among people that do not form part of their world, makes them uncomfortable and leads to superficial and constrained responses.


Everything we do is governed by our SECA principle – that no matter what we are working on, we need to ensure that our approach is Socially, Environmentally and Culturally Appropriate. Without this, we risk losing sight of the fact that these are real people, and not specimens, and ultimately, if we really want to hear them, we need to give them the most conducive environment to do so.


Whether you are looking for pure qualitative insight, quantitative alone, or a mix of both, Submarine has a solution to suit.


  • Consumer Insight Sessions
  • Creative Ideation Sessions
  • High Flyer Sessions (LSM 9+ sessions)
  • Consumer Insight Panels (Web & Mobile)
  • Consumer Insight Panels (Facebook)
  • Grassroots Connect (basic handsets engagement with lower LSM individuals)
  • Bringing the Consumer to Life (Filmed Studies)
  • Face-to-face / Skype interviews
  • Digital Diaries / Physical Diaries
  • UX testing sessions
  • iPad Intercepts
  • Surveys


We have spent the best part of a decade refining our methodologies, and have used these to delve deep into FMCG markets, banking, insurance, mining, alcohol, media, cellular brands and networks, government bodies…and many many more.


So, if you are interested in interactive, and thoroughly enjoyable controlled consumer engagements, where the context becomes critical in generating the most productive discussion, then you should chat to us.

Consumer Insights