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Brand Strategy Consulting



At Submarine we believe in insight-empowered marketing and brand strategy as opposed to grasping for direction and ideas in the dark. Since the strategies we develop are clearly substantiated, they are inspired, relevant, robust, and actionable.




We have a combined experience of over 25 years in branding, marketing communication and design strategy in almost every category imaginable including FMCG, finance, banking, insurance, tourism, telecoms, government, petrochemicals, mining and retail among others.




At Submarine, our insight-led brand strategy advisory services centre on:


  • Industry analysis and recommendations in respect of existing strategies.
  • Identification of relevant trends, best practice case studies, and thought-starters to offer inspiration that seeks to inform business plans, marketing plans, brand strategy development and messaging and communication strategy.
  • Clarity of vision and purpose in terms of benefit to end-user as well as the relevance, significance and understanding of this, internally, within an organisation.
  • Identification of opportunity territories that can offer strategic branding
  • Brand development to enable selection of territory and tactics for successful differentiation in competitive markets.
  • Corporate branding strategy platforms that execute meaningful, impactful and creative directions.




Whatever the strategy requirement, Submarine commits to going below the surface in order to:


  • Unearth those deeper level insights most relevant to the brand development
  • Engage with decision-makers. and other relevant stakeholders. in creative and contextually relevant ways that afford them the freedom to actively problem solve and gain clarity of thinking.
  • Ensure complete immersion throughout the process in order to unearth unique and compelling insights upon which brand and corporate identity assets can be molded.


By keeping our finger on the pulse of the changing consumer and technology landscape, we are able to continually shape our brand strategy process perspectives with fresh ideas and inspired thinking that will assist your team in devising thought-leading brands, communication and creative strategies.

Brand Strategy