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The 100 Project


The 100 Project is Submarine Depth Research’s opportunity to offer tangible, relevant insight to businesses on any number of subjects. Every report that we create via this initiative can be accessed via either of the following means:


  1. You can view a clip of the final film that will be made available to you online, plus you can download a free PDF that depicts high-level information
  2. You can buy the full PPT report that is accompanied by the complete 10 minute film

Money Talks – 2016 Financial Projections, Fears and Plans

For our first 100 report, Submarine Depth Research undertook to understand financial projections, fears and plans for 2016 for a very specific target group – low-income, urban and peri-urban groups of South African residents. We conducted the study across Kya Sands, Themb’Elihle and Alexandra in April 2016

For this study, we concentrated on one very pertinent area of exploration:


  • What are your thoughts, feelings and plans around keeping your head above water during these tough financial times, and what are you practically doing to make it through?


The ‘Money Talks’ report not only delivers deep insights, but it also creates the opportunity to fully grasp the responses of these people in a raw and real human-centric manner. No matter how poor the members of our subject group may be, they are still buyers, users and consumers of all goods available and services offered. Awareness and appreciation of their financial struggles and personal challenges will help you develop strategies that not only engage these users but also provide the potential to improve their lives.


We choose The 100 subject material according to what we feel will be of interest to you, but we also offer you the opportunity to commission a market research report of your own. From the moment you brief us until the delivery of your 100 Film and PPT report, the process is no longer than two weeks, end to end. It also comes at a price that is very easy to swallow.

Commission your own 100 market research report today.

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